Rebalance Conditioner

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Size 17 oz

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Rebalance Conditioner with Chrome & Boron minerals gently softens, controls and balances Greasy Roots and Dry Ends.

Rebalance Conditioner,  enriched with Chrome and Boron Dead Sea Minerals, is the natural progression after using the Rebalance Shampoo. It conditions, softens and resets greasy roots and dry ends without leaving any residue.

Deep Repair Mask enriched with Copper and Calcium Dead Sea Minerals, is the essential treatment that heals and repairs dry and damaged hair. This hair type requires more than a regular conditioning routine.  The Mineral based  unique mineral mask deeply penetrates the hair and scalp with premium minerals and natural extracts that transform the hair from dry and damaged to shiny, healthy and silky soft. 

Apply a 3 finger-scoop of product on to clean wet hair

Massage into scalp and hair. 

Leave in for 3-5 minutes.

Wash out with warm water